Blobert Literacy

Blobert Moves was originally conceived of as a 2-3 movement and listening activity. The sequence of movements can be used to focus and relax students before academic activities, after carpet time or before transitions from class to class. The story can be used to promote listening skills and movement and enhance students’ mindfulness and sense of well being.

In addition to its original goal of promoting wellness, Blobert Moves can be used to teach language skills whether the students are early years or even older, learning English as an additional language. The students can listen as the story’s movements are modeled, move along with the story as it is read, respond to verbal prompts or flashcards as visual cues, or when appropriate, written cues.

For hands on language learning students can use the Blobert Cut Out (Puppet) provided in the back of all of the books and on our website. Blobert can be posed in response to visual, verbal or written cues allowing students to indicate their comprehension non-verbally. Poseable Blobert can be used in labeling and matching activities, having students imagine and label their own movements for Blobert (verbally or in writing) or creating their own stories using backgrounds provided on our website.

The action words the students encounter in the Blobert books can also be used in TPR activities that will provide them opportunities for both language and movement expression. Using the large flashcards or labels, students can be prompted in physical and verbal responses or a combination of both. Adult led for Early Years students and additional language learners, the ultimate goal for these sessions would be to have them student led if possible.

Whether it is enhancing students’ physical well being, listening, mindfulness or language skills, Blobert books are all about movement and the valuable and varied learning opportunities it provides!