Exercise is optional. Movement is not. Whether we are working, caring for our families, recreating, or simply taking care of the basic tasks of life, movement is an integral and unavoidable aspect of our lives. In light of this, the ability to move efficiently, effectively and confidently is an invaluable skill that will allow us to enjoy happier, healthier lives.

My name is Jeffrey Stapleton. For over 20 years I was a classroom, EAL and academic special needs teacher. During that time I was also a dedicated Tai Chi student (20+ years 4th Generation Chentze Tai Chi) and natural movement practitioner. After leaving the world of education I became a certified Fitness Coach (ISSA Certified) with the hope of sharing my love and knowledge of movement and fitness with teachers and students, in the hope of helping them live fuller, healthier, more peaceful lives.  My hope is to guide teachers and students to move mindfully and with clear purpose, resulting in greater focus, confidence and an improved sense of well being.