Blobert Moves

A book of Movement and Listening

Time to move! Blobert is quietly sitting when suddenly he just has to move! Blobert stretches, jumps, balances and so much more as he calmly moves his body and listens to the world around him.

Blobert Plays

A book of Movement and Friendship

It’s a beautiful morning for a walk! Blobert meets all his friends as he walks through the forest. Everyone wants to play with Blobert and Blobert wants to play with everyone.

Coming Soon

Blobert Gets Ready

A book of Movement and Responsibility

Time for school! Blobert wakes up and is ready to go! There is a lot to do before he leaves for school but Blobert knows he can get the job done. Teeth brushed? Bag packed? Blobert can do it all!


Bloberta Dances

A book of Movement and Joy

Do you hear that? Bloberta is standing in the forest when she hears something. The music takes over and feet start tapping, hands start waving and Bloberta and her friends can’t stop dancing!

Blobert Runs

A book of Movement and Perseverance

Look at the time! Blobert is late. He has lost track of the time and now he has to run. Blobert will let nothing stop him as he hurries through the forest determined to be on time!