Jeffrey Stapleton and Athena Wang

Rainy Mountain Books

Jeffrey and Athena are a new author/illustrator couple who have been married for over 20 years. In their previous lives, Jeffrey was a teacher and Athena was a successful graphic designer. Jeffrey had always wanted to write and Athena dreamed of being an illustrator, so together they decided to leave their careers, change their lives and create children’s books. As a teacher, one of Jeffrey’s favorite things was to teach reading and introduce children to the joy of books.

They split their time between the mountains above Taipei, Taiwan where they live with their cats, and in a cabin in the woods in New York state with chipmunks and deer, for the rest. Together they enjoy practicing Tai Chi, walking, camping, traveling on their motorcycle (which is almost as old as they are), playing (you’re never too old to play!), and creating books. They have a shared passion for food (and eating), and martial arts, which they have been studying separately and together for over 30 years. 

As well as being an author, Jeffrey also wants to be a movement and fitness instructor when he grows up. He wants to help people move better, feel better and be happier. This is where the idea for their first book – Blobert Moves – came from.